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GraniteNet Services


GraniteNet offers a variety of computer based services to the local community, and we also offer massive discounts to Pension & Concession card holders!

Click a link below to find out more!



-Affordable on-line advertising-

-Internet Café  + Wi-Fi-

-Community Blogs-

-Computer Repairs-

-Refurbished Computer Systems-

-Community Website Directory-

-Community Calender-

-Computer Training (Basics to Advanced)-

-Business Web Design-

-Free Broadband for Seniors Café-

-CBD Venue hire-

-Online Guides-

-Opal Digital Literacy Training-



Did you know that GraniteNet is run entirely by volunteers from within the community? GraniteNet also relies on members of the community for donations, and our day to day running expenses. Without you, we would not exist...

We are here for you...


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