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Our Vision

A sustainable community designed, owned and managed portal that will support Stanthorpe's development as a Learning Community.

GraniteNet is a web-based community portal environment that is being built from the ground up, community portal first, business portal second with portal content and functionality defined by the community so as to align with community need and usage patterns. As a true Community Portal model there is minimal dependence on an individual community member for its continued operation. The Portal becomes sustainable through flexible design, the ability to quickly respond to the changing needs of the community and an effective governance framework. The community must be able to operate it with shared community pride and it must be accessible to its various composite community groups, nationalities and sectors.

GraniteNet is a virtual environment; where members of the community either individually or in social groups or organisations interact daily. Where interaction becomes part of the daily Stanthorpe experience, focusing on Lifestyle, Health, Innovation, Creativity and Opportunity within a "Learning Community".

GraniteNet is a community asset that offers unlimited potential for ICT. As a community based initiative, membership of the portal is open to all individuals, groups and organisation within the Granite Belt geographical area. Once established, extension of this service may extend to well beyond this defined boundary.

GraniteNet will provide its members with

  • An open source content management system that is user friendly and easily accessible
  • Free training on webpage editing and online help manual
  • Website Administrator for problem solving
  • On-line discussion forums and wikis
  • Community calendars
  • Opportunity to contribute to the ongoing development of the website

Members provide Granitenet with

  • Website management that is well maintained and updated regularly
  • An interactive online community of interest
  • Support for GraniteNet sustainability
  • Adherence to policies eg privacy, copyright, code of conduct, rights and responsibilities


GraniteNet Phase 2 Evaluation Report

Click here to download the report

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