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April 22
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Slight Hiccup in Services - Updated 28-04-2016

Update: 23-04-2016 RESOLVED - The file manager hiccup some clients were experiencing is now resolved.

Update: 28-04-2016 RESOLVED - The Login link is now fixed and working as intended..

April 13
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Malicious apps found in Android store: Alert Priority Moderate
If you use an Android phone or tablet, be careful when downloading and installing apps from Google Play.

Check the app’s reviews and download counts, and be cautious when installing apps with a low rating or those that are new to the store. Apps with good reviews and high download counts are generally less likely to be malicious than new apps with poor ratings.

The malicious apps are disguised as apps that deliver games, photo-effects or other desirable functions. However, in many cases, the apps were found to not work as advertised, in addition to installing malware onto smartphones and tablets.

April 12
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 Criminals target small businesses with poor server security: Alert Priority Moderate

Criminals use ‘brute force’ attacks targeting weak passwords to guess small business server login passwords. ‘Brute force’ is where an automated tool is used to work through all possible passwords until it finds the correct one. Once logged on, criminals can manually encrypt business files, including databases in some examples. They then leave a ransom notice on the server or send the business owner an email demanding they pay a ransom for the ‘key’, or code, to unlock the files. Ransom amounts have been known to reach up to AUD$8,000.

Granitenet Inc. has a number of preventative Affordable solutions available for small businesses wanting to increse their security, and enquires are welcome.

November 23
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Coming Soon...

GraniteNet is expanding soon..

We are migrating to a more efficient platform, that caters to the modern needs of the community. Offering independent websites and paperless opportunities for local community groups and local businesses alike to name a few of the new features on offer. Our free services will remain, with more available options. For more information click on the headline.
February 18
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Digital Technologies to Enrich the Lives of Older Rural Australians

A joint project between the University of Southern Queensland and GraniteNet Inc.

We are aiming this pilot program towards technology training for selected aged care volunteers in Stanthorpe to assist frail or otherwise debilitated aged care residents to use computer tablets for everyday communication, making new connections and other leisure pursuits. Genrously funded by Caring for Ageing Rural Australians (CARA) Program.

November 14
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Computers Wanted

GraniteNet wants all of your new or old or broken computers and parts.

Our computer recycling helps to reduce local landfill, and helps to put a computer on everyones desk, particularly those that cannot afford one.

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