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January 28
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to the 2015 Stanthorpe Showgirls, The girls did themselves and their committees proud with a massive fundraising total and personal growth achievements that will help them well into the future.

January 14
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Stanthorpe Show January 30-31

This year Stanthorpe Show promises plenty of fun,from Lego creations,dog coats,bags,Christmas decorations
there is a category to suit everyone's creative flair, there's even one for the crafty men: I can, We can,You can! creations.

November 14
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Computers Wanted

GraniteNet wants all of your new or old or broken computers and parts.

Our computer recycling helps to reduce local landfill, and helps to put a computer on everyones desk, particularly those that cannot afford one.

February 11
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Volunteers Urgently Needed

Do you stand out in a crowd? Do you want to learn a unique skill set? Do you have a passion for helping others? We need you!

GraniteNet is currently looking for dedicated volunteers in a range of skill sets. As a 100% not-for-profit volunteer run organisation, we need volunteers to keep the ball rolling, people like you can help make our community a better place, and open up learning opportunities for yourself and others...

February 11
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Home maintenance tasks that slip the mind

There are five home maintenance items that most of us forget to attend to on a regular basis.

November 19
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Myth Busters and Energy Saving Tips

An almost empty fridge or a full fridge - which one is easier on your electricity bill? Myth busters, energy saving tips and an online appliance cost calculator are all designed to save us money.

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